Saturday, May 5, 2012

Project #16 Final

At the beginning of this course I was terrified! During this course I was stressed! Now that it's over I am really thankful for this course. Dr. Strange gave us the opportunity to be creative and expand our learning by how much effort we put into this course. For the future students reading this, you may get extremely frustrated with this class and might break down but if you explore more than what is expected you will really enjoy this class. I have learned that technology is not just our phones and Facebook, but it gives us a way to enhance our learning. Good Luck to everyone, thank you again Dr. Strange and a HUGE thank you to all the lab assassinates!! :)

Project #13 Collaboration

I love Google
Our group, Scholars United, has worked very hard on both our projects. We have used many collaboration tools while working on these projects. Google has been the main focus for how we have communicated. Google Docs helped us communicate very well with each other. If you have ever used Google Docs, you know how easy it is to communicate. If you haven't then you should try. Google Docs lets you create a document which others can edit and you can view the document as they do it. You can share it with many people and it's a fast easy way to communicate large amounts of information. We also used Google Hangout. This is a feature similar to Skype, but on here we could have all our group members together and also share our screen for them to see what we are doing. Keeley made a video (shown below) that will show you how we used it to our benefit. I would strongly use both of these tools whenever I have the chance too. We did text and call each other it was mostly, "Hey check the doc" and that was it. I enjoyed working with Scholars United and I wish each of my group members and other classmates the best of luck in the future!