Saturday, January 28, 2012

C4T #1

I listened to Mr. Eric Langhorst's podcast about how he watched his Twitter feed about the State of the Union Address before he watched it for himself. He talked about how Twitter is very popular and how the older generation thinks that we are not as social. You can have conversations you have never met and follow people who's interest are similar to your own. It is amazing watching an event on TV and reading what people have to say about it.

Hey Mr. Langhorst,
My name is Emily Nadeau I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I have been assigned to your blog, I look forward to reading and commenting on your posts.
I am new to twitter so I haven't experienced all the conversations yet. I agree with the statements that students should stay in school till they are 18. Myself being only 20 I enjoyed school and I think when teens want to drop out they are hurting themselves in the long run.
I also agree with you how this age is social. The media and technology has brought us closer together. If it wasn't for technology we wouldn't know half the people or accomplishments by others.
I am excited about getting to know twitter and teaching myself about technology, it is being used more and more in the classrooms and will help me teach.
Speaking of teaching, do you use technology in your classroom? If so how do you use it and do you think it helps the students learn better?
Thank you,
Emily Nadeau
State of the Union

Mr. Langhorst does all of his post by podcast, recording his thoughts for the viewer to listen instead of reading. I commented on his podcast about an antique radio from the 1930's that he restored. He was very descriptive on how he did it, where he found the tools, and the background of the radio. He restored the radio by replacing the inside with an MP3 player and external speakers. The following is the comment I left on his post.

Mr. Langhorst,
I found this post very interesting! I never thought about restoring an antique radio by using an MP3 player. I laughed when you said that y'all put it in the bathroom to hold towels for storage. My mom would probably do the same thing. I like how you see things in a different view as a history teacher. Many people would trash objects like this but you used your creativity, I admire that. I also think that it's a great idea that you download old music, shows, and speeches from Eisenhower to match the vintage feel of the radio. This a perfect idea, like you said, for a history teacher to put a small one in the classroom. Students would get a better feel, and idea about the way America used to be. You have some great idea's! Thanks for a great how-to post!!
Emily Nadeau
These are the pictures from the antique radio post.
Antique Radio Antique Radio Back

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