Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog Post #1

About Me- Emily Nadeau
My name is Emily Nadeau and I have lived in Mobile my whole life. I love being able to drive down to the beach for the day. I attended South because I wasn't ready to leave my family and the scholarship helped too. I still live at home with my parents and sisters. I am an aunt to a beautiful baby girl name Raleigh. I love spending time with my family and boyfriend when I am not busy studying for my classes or working.
I'm a sophomore and I know I made the right choice by staying. On campus I am involved in my sorority, which I love, CSA, and Diamond Girls. I enjoy being involved it keeps me busy and gives me a great opportunity to meet new people. I am a very positive happy person and I love life.
I have always wanted to teach, I have admired all my teachers. I work at a day care in the afternoons working with four year olds. I love my job, I have worked there for two years and most days they make me excited about teaching. After I graduate I would love to teach first or second grade.
I am excited about this class and I hope to meet everyone!! :)

Randy Pausch- Time Management
Time is very precious and should not be waisted but it is waisted more than anything. I myself am bad with managing my time it takes for hours to do things that should only take minutes but I find myself being distracted from what I should be doing. I liked how Mr. Pausch talked about the "why's". Why am I doing this? What will happen if I don't? I make many to do list but hardly ever complete them. I liked how he said, "you can always change your plans, but only once you have one"! With school, work, family, boyfriend, church, and friends, my life is pretty busy and I always have a plan. I now need to make sure that I am doing what I don't want to do first and the fun stuff later. As for Randy Pausch I know that he will continue to remind people of the importance of time. 

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  1. Scholarships always help!

    You will watch Randy Pausch's Last Lecture later this semester. It is a powerful and moving video!

    Welcome to EDM310.