Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blog Post #4

Podcast logo
We are learning how to podcast and these are some links that will help myself and others podcast.

Judy Scharf link gave me a lot of information on how to set up my podcast and also how I can use it in a classroom. A podcast is a mix between "broadcast" and "IPod." It is like talking on the radio, you can use it from any computer or MP3 player. This website gives easy step-by-step instructions how to create and submit your podcast. She includes handouts given to her students to make sure they understand how to complete a podcast. This website has a ton of great information about podcasting. I encourage everyone to check it out. It makes learning enjoyable.

I next read Langwitches-Flat Stanley Podcast . A project that this teacher created enhances the children's understanding with the words. She recorded her students out of order as they read a story. She later used the SmartBoard for them to edit the story to play in the right order. Hearing the sentence over and over helped the students recognize the words and understand what they mean. I never thought about this but this would be great with any age group.

The final podcast I read was, Podcasting with First Grade. This podcast was very similar to the Flat Stanley I read above. This teacher, names are not provided, used podcast with a class of first grader's which used their, listening, speaking, comprehension, and technology skills. They read a story and recorded there questions for each chapter. Giving children the chance to hear themselves boost their knowledge of what they actually sound like. I think using podcast in a class room is a great idea. Like this teacher observed, "Shy and quiet students were coming out of their shell." While using podcast they can edit their sentences and always re-record. I will defiantly use podcast in my classroom.


  1. Emily,
    I am glad that you seemed to really get excited about podcasting! You also incorporated the links just perfectly!
    Also, you had a lot of good things to say, but they were clouded by errors- especially spelling and punctuation. For instance, I hope you will "definitely" use podcasts in your classroom, not "defiantly". Also, be sure to look into using commas properly. I feel like you have even more interesting and relevant things to say, so please be sure to make your posts longer. Each section needs to be around two paragraphs.

  2. Emily,

    Like you, I am excited about the benefits that podcasting can offer to the classroom and a student's educational journey. It is a fantastic and wonderful way to help a student explore their creativity and also keep them engaged. I enjoyed your links and, like Carly mentioned in her comment, I would have liked to have read some more on your thoughts. Keep up the great work and good luck in the rest of EDM 310!

    Kate Fail