Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Randy Pausch
Noticing Randy Pausch's Last Lecture video was a little over an hour long I was thinking what could this man possibly have to say for an hour, it is probably going to be so boring. I was completely wrong; it didn’t even feel like an hour I was so engaged in this video. In this video he talks about inspiration to dream and how he made all his goals come true. Dr. Pausch did some amazing things in his lifetime and he touched many lives working towards his goals. He speaks about many things we need to hear to get motivated and push ourselves harder.

Brick walls are there for a reason they push you to work harder for your goal and show your dedication. When you have someone telling you that you cannot do something work harder at it and prove them wrong. You will not get everything you want but when you work hard enough for it others see that and they help you achieve your goal. Students who stay in on the weekend to read and work more than required usually end up with a better grade because they push themselves. Teachers who stay late after class or up late at night working on projects, lectures, or extra assignments usually love what they are doing more helping to educate kids. When we reach a point where we think we can’t go any further keep trying. When you’re at a stop sign you don’t stay there forever you pause and keep moving forward.

Where does complaining really get you? No where if anything it pushes you further from what you planed to achieve. Pausch explains that at times we can complain but when you have said it once push yourself to work harder. Cherish feedback that you receive both positive and negative. “When you start screwing up and nobody says anything to you that’s when they have given up on you,” stated Pausch’s little league football coach. I find that quote completely true we should always help people become the best they can be. When a student does not understand how to multiply the teacher doesn’t give up no matter how frustrated she may get, she works with them longer and tries different ways of explaining it.

When you screw up sometimes the hardest thing to do is apologize. We should apologize more often nobody is perfect and we need the help of others to survive. When you meet somebody you don’t like give them time to impress you, we all have different strengths and weaknesses. Think of your co-workers or your classmates, you judge them how you think they are by the way they look. Everyone has bad days but we should look for the positive in everyone, it makes you feel better when you know you can go in with a positive attitude.

Pausch found that when you don’t give students a bar for them to meet they exceed the expectations. This was one of my favorite things he talked about and I completely agree. By saying, “That was good but I know you can do better” we work harder for that strong positive feedback. When you are given it on your first task you try less and less because you already did your best. It is weird how our brain works and how we crave for that positive assurance. We all have room to improve ourselves and I know after watching this video I have tried to follow his ways of teaching. During this video I laughed and I cried. It is amazing how the little things in life are the ones we remember and cherish forever. I strongly encourage everyone to watch this video. Think about the way you say things and the tone in your voice it’s a small thing but it makes a huge difference. I really did enjoy watching this video and I hope that you take the time to watch it as well. Trust me it did not seem like an hour at all.

Positive Impact


  1. Hello Emily!
    I was a little nervous about the length of the lecture as well. Like you, I could not imagine what he would talk about for over an hour, but I enjoyed listening to him. He is an inspiration and a great speaker. There are a few grammatical errors in this post. Be careful with run-on sentences; for example, the first few sentences of your third paragraph should read, "No where, if anything, it pushes you further from what you planned to achieve. Pausch explains that, at times, we can complain, but when you have said it once, push yourself to work harder". My English teacher in high school once said, "if you think there should be a comma, then add a comma". Just read your sentence aloud, and when you pause, add a comma. Your font is a little difficult to read because the letters run into the periods. Other than a few misspellings and some grammatical errors, this was a great post. It really sounds like you enjoyed this video. I like your pictures and you have title modifiers. Good job! Good luck in EDM310!

  2. "Noticing Randy Pausch's Last Lecture video was a little over an hour long I was thinking what could this man possibly have to say for an hour,..." This is a common reaction among students (although it seems to be less prevalent this year. Why do students make judgements like this? What is your guess?

    You need commas in a number of places, especially when you have introductory clauses in your sentence (like this one). Read it aloud. When you pause you usually should have a comma.

    I am glad you found the video useful. It is a powerful statement.