Friday, March 2, 2012

C4K Summary for February

children around the worldMy first C4K in February was to a boy named Barien. He is in Mrs. Diaz 5th grade class in California. She has told them several times about the importance about not telling all their information on the internet. They are not allowed to use their real names, tell their age, where they live, school name, or anything personal. I commented on his most recent blog about how much he loves his school. I told him that I am glad he loves his school, friends, and teachers. Barien said that in his school they feel like a family. I encouraged him to stay positive about school and to never give up. He seems really excited about school. I can't wait to read his reply.

  • For my second C4K I was assigned to a girl named Sydney in Mrs. Hubener's 5th grade class in Sioux Rapids, Iowa. Sydney wrote many things down that she enjoys doing. I think they did a lesson on poems that day and created one about themselves. Her first line read, "I am cute and I am happy and silly". I loved that this was her first line it shows her personality very well. Throughout her writing she said many fun things she likes to do and eat. I also read her teachers blog, she is extremely organized with what is going on in her classroom. I look forward to reading her reply!
  • My third C4K was Erick, a 7th grade student in Ms. Sedgwick's computer class in Winnetka, California. His last post was of a chart about how much he thinks items are worth during Christmas. I read some of his other post like papers he has written and he seems to really like school and soccer. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing video games. I told him about our class and how we are learning to blog as well. I hope he enjoys school and continues to learn. From the impression I received from his page he has a lot of potential to succeed. I was not able to post directly to his blog but I posted on the class blog as a whole. Hopefully he will reply.
  • My final C4K was a 5th grade student in Iowa. The names were not given only initials "FK" I am pretty sure it's a girl. Her most recent post was, "I Wrote This to My Parents and Now They Want to Go on A Cruise". I really enjoyed reading her post because I love going on family vacations. She explains in her note that her and her siblings would be really good and get along with each other. How going on another cruise will bring them closer together and make more memories. I really liked how she loves her family. Many of her post include her family and lots of candy. I encouraged her to always be close to her family and to enjoy every vacation and make the best of everyday with them. Her Blog was very cute and girlie with pinks, purples, and lime green. I am really looking forward to her reply.
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