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Blog Post #8

by Richard E. Miller

Richard MillerRichard Miller is an English professor at Rutgers School of Arts and Science. He has published several articles that, "concern's developing aphilosophy of consciousness that promotes transformative teaching and writing practices." He has spoke around the world on how literacy is being redefined by Web 2.0 technologies. In his videos This Is How We Dream part 1 and 2, he informs us how writing has changed in professions and culture. He shares the importance of reading and how we research, write, and publish information. He talks about two different kinds of changes that he believes are taking place, incremental change, and fundamental change.
In part one he describes incremental change, this is where we are working now. We no longer depend on pens and paper to write our papers, we use word processing. Our work space becomes our desktop, we can research the faster from the web than the library. He tells about an article he wrote in response on the one year anniversary of the killings of Virginia Tech. He never stepped foot into a library because all the information he needed was online. I myself in the twenty years I have been alive have never had to go to the library to find information. I have always found all my information online. Another incremental change that he shares with us is collaboration. We can now collaborate using this networking technology and to compose not simply with text; but to compose with images, film, sound, and whatever you find on the web.
Part two talks about fundamental change. Ideas don't belong to us individually, they belong to us as a culture. We as educators must share our ideas freely. The limits and restrictions are the ones we place on ourselves. YouTube is an amazing program that helps us visualize others ideas and pushes new ideas into our culture. He states that these changes need to be beautiful and compelling so it inspires curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.
Working together makes learning a lot easier and I don't think we should be afraid to ask questions. I have enjoyed working in project groups because I always learn how to do something new. I think I am prepared to write with multimedia, I don't realize it but I use it more than I think I do. My students will defiantly know how, young minds love to create and catch on faster. The change has already happened and will progress faster within the next few months.
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child creativity
Carly did an outstanding job in her blog post 12. Right away I can tell she is going to be a great teacher by her dedication to the post. The links were amazing to watch and really made me think about how the small things we do make a huge difference. I agree that multimedia will help enormously in the classroom. It allows children to create so many projects and by having fun you learn a lot more. I cannot thank Carly enough for sharing her idea about creating a playlist. I will for sure keep this in mind in my classroom.

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The Chipper Series was very interesting. I unfortunately have a slight problem with procrastination. I like to start things early but it takes me forever to finish some. I know that in this class and every class all work must be turned in on time. I must say I have done a really good job with planning time for school work with my busy social life. I like to get things done in a timely manner and I like to relax knowing that I have completed everything. I have thought several times if teaching is actually for me and I know walking into any elementary school that teaching and inspiring is what I love to do.

EDM310 for Dummies EDM310 for Dummies video does a perfect job showing the emotions that students have felt about this class, me being one of them. It's hard to realize at the time how much we have actually learned and continue to learn from this class. So many of these projects and assignments can be used in other classes as well. This class feels like there is so much to do and like it's never going to end but I am so thankful for everything I have learned. Teaching isn't about using every single piece of technology to teach it's about enhancing the learning threw technology. By making my own projects, reading others blog, and finding my own information, has given me the confidence and encouragement to teach what I have learned.

After watching these two videos I would most likely make a video on the importance of learning by doing. Creating a video that demonstrates how making our own projects, and learning new tools has helped me understan
d how they work in a classroom. I have watched so many videos about how to teach and be creative and I can now put them to use.
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I agree with a lot of things talked about in this video. I myself have grown up in the technology age and wouldn't know what to do without my cell phone. Like they mentioned in the video all electronic devices are banned from the school. We don't write notes to the person sitting across from us we simply text them. Social networking is very important to not just students but to everyone. It gives us the easy accuses to fast communication around the world. School is just one of the many places that students learn. We learn from all of our surroundings and the places that we visit. I think that social networking has also played a huge role in the change of education. I myself am always on my phone and the internet looking for new ideas and new places to visit. As teachers we should accept this change and continue to expand from it like so many already have. You don't have to use every piece of technology just know some and use it to the best you can.

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Scavenger Hunt 2.0

This assignment was created by Justin Cometti. First I watched the introduction video for Discovery Education Web 2.0 for 2011. Next I visited the home page of Discovery Education here they have so many great tools to use in the classroom and at home. Anyone can use this site; administrators, teachers, parents, and students.

1.) Locate a tool that is similar to Twitter/Facebook and provides a social platform for teachers, parents, and students. Create an account as a Teacher and write a paragraph or two about how you could use this site in your class room.

ThinkQuest helps students produce a blog which they can create and edit projects. They can also create games and communicate with people all around the world, just like Facebook and Twitter. What I like about this website is that a student can start a project and work with others around the world. Some of the projects are like a more enhanced PowerPoint. You can search thousands of projects that have already been created for more ideas. I think that given the opportunity to work with students around the world will give students the excitement to want to do projects, which leads to more knowledge. The ThinkQuest also has a competition which; engages students to solve a problem using their technology, critical thinking, and communication skills. I think this is another great way to motivate kids by offering rewards for amazing projects they create. These are their prizes:

  • 1st and 2nd place team members receive a laptop computer and a trip toThinkQuest Live, a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.
  • 3rd place team members receive a laptop computer.
  • The ten schools or organizations that register the most Competition participants will receive $5,000 USD for educational purposes.
  • All teams that submit entries will be eligible to receive certificates of participation.
  • Teams that finish in the top 10% will be eligible to receive certificates of distinction.
  • Students who are 18 and over and whose teams finish in the top 10% are eligible to apply for an internship.
I think that it's a great incentive to motivate children to have fun with technology and also further their knowledge.

3.) Find a tool to make-your-own comic strip. Create a comic and post a picture of it in your blog.

It did not give me the HTML code so here is the link to my comic strip, click here.

4.) Find a video tool that you have never used. Summarize some it's special features.
I have played on this website all day long and I created two videos. I first played around with Animoto. This is very easy and fun. I created this one about the highlights of summer 2011. With the free version you are only given basic features. The more you pay the more tools you are allowed to use.

Make your own slideshow with music at Animoto.

The second one I made with PhotoPeach. This one is also very simple and you also have to pay to accuse more features. I think I enjoyed this one more because it gave me more options than Animoto did. Both are great for getting students to demonstrate a topic. Here is the one I made with PhotoPeach some of the events this year in AOII. Zoom your mouse in to see the pictures close up or you can zoom out to see more than one.

Alpha Omicron Pi on PhotoPeach

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  1. Hey Emily!

    This is a great post! I think your idea of making a video about learning by doing. I think that is a great idea!

    I have never heard of think quest, but it looks like a great tool! Your comic was also very thoughtful!

    Don't forget to add your alt and tag modifiers.

    Keep up the good work!

    Stephen Akins