Saturday, March 24, 2012

Project #11 Short Movie

For Dr. Vitulli's EDM301 class we have an upcoming puppetry assignment where we have to make our own puppet and make a puppet show. The puppet show is about opposites and is a kindergarten lesson. The children can watch the video, then re-watch and identify the different opposites throughout the video. Cassie Skidmore asked Alison Stacey and I if we would be in her group and I gladly said yes. We each created very unique puppets and made a short video, a parody to Paula Abdul's Opposite's Attract video.

I had already read to my K4 class earlier in the week and wanted to create my own short movie. I read The Marvelous Toy by one of my favorite children's author Tom Paxton. This book, as some may know, has a song that goes along with it here's the YouTube link for the Marvelous Toy Song. I love reading to my kids, and as you can see they are very good listeners and love books. I read at least two books a day to them during snack time. They are learning how to read and after I read this to the class some of them read the book themselves, with little of my help. I love seeing them get excited about learning new things and I know that teaching is where I need to be to help students excel.

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