Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project #10 PLN

my PLNBefore EDM310 I had never heard of a Personal Learning Network (PLN). With my MacBook my Safari organizes all of my top sites. I can organize the sites and delete the ones I no longer need. I did not realize how convenient viewing the sites made it easier to work. My homepage is iGoogle and this also helps me organize my work. I was surprised to find all the tools that Google has to offer. Before this class I only used Google to serf the web now I use it to create documents and presentations for not only this class but others as well. I like how I can open all my work from any computer using Google.

My Facebook and TwitterA Network that has inspired me is Blogger. With Blogger I am constantly viewing teachers, students, and other classmates blog. Their ideas and topics have furthered my desire to teach. Facebook was the only social network that I was aware of, but now I love to blog and tweet. Twitter has given me access to other educators and sites that I now constantly view. I have found many informational videos as well threw YouTube that has changed my mind about technology. Facebook is great to keep in touch with friends but I find that Twitter is faster and easier to communicate.

my blogMy PLN is just beginning now that I have experienced technology networks. In my documents I have a folder for each of my classes. EDM by far has the most websites saved that I have enjoyed reading and plan to use. I have explored many websites threw the use of this class and I plan on furthering my use of technology and my networks. Having this type of technology helps students and teachers connect to one another around the world. It creates an easy way to ask questions and new ideas of teaching and learning. I'm excited to extend my PLN and promote the effectiveness that is has to offer.

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