Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blog Post #11

Watching the First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class was very amusing. I like to see that the students are actually learning how to use technology at such a young age. I also watched her Skype Interview with Dr. Strange, which was extreamly knowlegable. Her video was inspiring to see how an actual classroom uses the technology and they understand the importance of being safe on the internet. I liked how she is already teaching the children how to use blogs. It's a great feature that the parents can go and see their child's work at their convince. Parents love being informed with what their child is learning and for them to quickly see it improves communication with both the parent and teacher. A problem I might face would be the privacy of the children some parents might not want their child being publicized all over the internet. If a parent does have that concern I would do my best to ensure them that they are being educated and I will not post their picture on the internet. For my own preference, I would not use the computers with every assignment. I would also be hands on with pens and paper, to see where children mess up and not use auto correct. I really liked how they posted all their art work on their blog for the family to see. My family is very close in communication but not distance and it would have been awesome if everyone could have seen what I worked on. Amazing how we always keep learning. :)


  1. Emily,

    I am glad that you liked Mrs. Cassidy's video about her class. However, there are quite a number of errors with your word choice. Namely using the word "convince" for "convenience." Please proofread your posts so as to ensure that they make sense.


    Rebekah Lloyd

  2. Hi Emily,
    Mrs. Cassidy's first grade class was very interesting to watch.I agree with how the blogs keep parents informed with their children's progress. My family reads my blog weekly just to see what I'm up to and are doing in class. Your blog looks great. Keep up the good work!