Sunday, April 29, 2012

C4T #4 April

Google plus iconsI'm commenting again on Jenny She, she has not recently posted. I read one of her post titled, "Would Google Plus be useful in the Classroom?". I was very interested about her thoughts about this topic would be. I just learned about everything Google has to offer due to this EDM class. I have learned so much about technology that I never would have known. In her post she explains that she learned about Google "hang out" from a family member who was studying with her classmate. She further explains that by using "hang out" people will no longer have an excuse of being late or not having money to get to class. Simply long in and ta-da your there. Also on her blog was a link for useful tips on how to use Google+. I explored this website, and it explains how to use Google+ to the max. It also had a link to a teachers blog post, 10 Ways Google+ Can Be Used In The Classroom which was also a very interesting. This post helped me a lot since I am now starting to use Google+ a lot more.

My second C4T is Mr. Myles Webb. His latest blog post is about an assignment using a video camera to show us about Worm Bins. One of the students in this video is legally blind and they were trying to find something to get him more engaged. In the video they created two young boys, one blind, demonstrate and explain to us more about Worm Bins. This video is absolutely amazing to see the excitement students express while teaching others(us). This is the video that Mr. Webb posted.

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