Thursday, April 19, 2012

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts- Special Post #12A.

curiosity is creativity1. Do schools in the United States systematically destroy (or inhibit) the development of curiosity and/or creativity in students? In my opinion, absolutely yes. The school system has a certain requirement that has to be met by all students and teachers. Children in the classrooms are not being allowed to think for themselves. They are told what, when, and how to do all activities the moment they step on school property. Teachers stress over the students test scores because low scores imply not teaching correctly. Even art projects have requirements they must meet to receive a good grade. In schools it's hard for children to think for themselves because they have to follow so many rules and act a certain way.

2.Can a curriculum be developed that increases the curiosity of students? At my high school we had a Leadership Class. You had to apply to be selected in this class. I joined my sophomore year and loved it. This class was designed to make ourselves better leaders and to get involved in the community. We did have rules that we had to follow but we also did many of our assignments on our own. I loved this class and I hated leaving it my senior year. Ms. Miller, my teacher, did an amazing job letting us find ourselves and what are strengths were. This class opened my mind to so many opportunities that I would have never known about. I learned so much about myself and others. This type of class would be a wonderful class to have in schools. We did all the work, the thinking, and producing, she gave us information on how to do it and where we could start. Everyone who took this class absolutely loved it, and gained so much knowledge from it.

3.Can a teacher's actions increase the curiosity of students? Absolutely!! Students feed off of others reactions and feed back. If they sense that the teacher could care less about the subject than they tune out. Why should a student care if the teacher doesn't. Students pay better attention when teachers show enthusiasm about the subject. Showing excitement to learn increases the desire to actually learn.

4.What would help you become more creative? What role would teachers and/or schools have in that process? The school system is so strict that teachers are just teaching to test. It's all about the test scores and students only learn what they have to, to pass the test. It's sad that this is how our school system is and anything not on the Course of Study sheet shouldn't be taught. The internet is such an amazing invention and extremely useful for everyone. My leadership class that I mentioned before really gave me the opportunity to express my creativity and involvement. Maybe a class like this in all schools would help expand creativity. Or even if students were allowed to create more projects to demonstrate what they have learned in that class as part of the final grade. It could be something on the computer like a powerpoint or even a physical object. Less instructions and force on how things should be. The school system needs to actually be involved with the schools and not in the office. They should see how a classroom is actually ran and not have the teacher worry about what they are writing on their notepad in the back of the room. Being involved and hands on lets others experience the troubles that both students and teachers have.
Hopefully we will soon express more creativity and students thinking for themselves, and not learning to test. Little steps eventually make big changes.

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