Sunday, April 29, 2012

Final Report On My PLN

GoogleI have learned so many things this semester from taking EDM310. Without this class I would not have known how to; blog, twitter, edit movies, use all Google features, use the SMARTboard, and communicate with people all over the world. I know that technology is booming and we have to use it to our advantage. I was very uncertain at first about using all of these technologies and how I would use them in a classroom. I now understand that it's not about using all of them and being completely tech savvy it's using them to the best of our ability and wanting to learn new things.
Google has been my main focus these past few weeks working on our final projects our group has communicated threw many of Google's features. For Project 13 we had to create a lesson without meeting face to face. Google Hangout was the best communication tool we used other than text. Google Docs also helped us a tremendous amount because we all could type on the same page and know what we were going to do. The tools that I have learned from this class I have been able to apply in my other classes, and people ask how I know how to do all this. I like to learn new things but I never would have known about any of these if it wasn't for this class. My PLN has just began but it's far from being over. Over this corse I have signed up at many websites to receive emails about new tools. I'm excited to use these tools in my classroom one day.

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