Tuesday, April 17, 2012

C4K Summary for April

April Heading
We are doing a world blog challenge for three weeks. Alicia is my student that I have been following and blogging to. She seems to be a really sweet young lady and is excited about learning. My first comment to her started in March.

Science experimentOn April 2, she blogged about how excited she is to go to the nature room. She describes it as a science lab where they will build bottle rockets, have a spa day, and even dissect a sheep's brain. I responded by telling her how brave she is if she dissects a sheep's brain because I could never dissect anything. She said that she will post about her experiences in the nature room later this week. I cannot wait to read about what she learned and made. I asked her if she would tell me what she did and didn't like so I have some ideas when I teach. Very excited to read her response!

Hawaii People
  • This week is spirit week at Alicia's school and today, Tuesday, April 10, is Hawaiian day. She describes her outfit that she actually bought when she was in Hawaii. She explains that it's a family tradition to go to Hawaii for vacations. She asked for wacky ideas for spirit week. I was so excited to read this post because I have always wanted to visit Hawaii, and jealous that she has been. Spirit Week in high school was my favorite because it was also homecoming. I replied with many ideas that she could use for her spirit week that I used for mine. I cannot wait to read her reply on how the rest of the week went.
Drawing from Students BlogI am now assigned to a new student from Ms. Cassidy's 1st grade class. This is the post that my student G had posted;
"I WeT To Rjine Last Weekced and I Had To wat for (a half an hour)".
I commented back that I was sorry they had to wait so long but I hope they had fun on their trip. I also asked what all they did on the trip. I had to remember that this student is in first grade and learning, like myself, how to blog. Amazing how young we are teaching technology to children.

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