Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blog Post #9

This blog post is about Mr. Joe McClung's blog post about his reflections about his first years teaching. I really enjoyed reading his post because as pre teachers we want everything to be just perfect and to run smoothly. Teaching isn't about making everything perfect you cannot into a classroom and expect them all to understand what you say. The first post I read was his post in 2009, about his first year ever teaching. Teaching will vary from day to day and we just have to take the situation and make the best of it. In this post he mentions that not everything has to be perfect and that we have to be flexible and ready for change. I agree with him 100% on this there is no way that we can predict how students will react towards a lesson. He also states that we should listen to our students. Without listening to what they really say it'shard for them to understand what we are trying to say. Communication is extremely important and we have to be willing to listen to them for them to listen and respect us as a teacher.

Stay Positive

The second blog post I read was his teaching in 2010. What stood out to me in this one was him saying that we (teachers) have to make ourselves look crazy for students to be excited to learn. Teaching is like acting, we have to make the audience want to be there and see what happens next. "Our students need to know that we have passion for our jobs if we ever expect them to take our subjects serious." This quote says it all, love what you do and give it all you got. He talks about so many great topics in his blog post, but another one that stands out again to be is being a control freak. I myself now am very organized, and like to have things done in a certain way. He states out how teachers have to write out there every move for a year and by having all the directions to follow it can be stressful. It won't all be perfect but by giving yourself simple breaks like students passing out papers can take some control off of the teacher. We cannot be a drill sergeant or they would never learn. By giving students some control of how the class works lets them feel equal and with older students that's all they want.
I really enjoyed reading his blogs and I think that when I start teaching I will make a blog about my adventures in the classroom. Really good idea Joe!


  1. Hey EmiIy definitely agree with your comment about how there is no way we can know how students will react to a lesson. If they do not go along with a lesson, if they seem unhappy we have to recognize that and change. I agree with your comment that teaching is like acting and we have to relinquish some control of our class so that our students will be move involved. Also having to follow a lesson plan for a whole year will be stressful. We have to think of other ways to remove some of the stress from our job on a daily basis. I enjoyed reading your post.

  2. Hey Emily,

    In your first sentence, I think you overused the word "about". Try to use other words that mean the same thing so it isn't confusing to read. In this sentence, I think you might be missing a word: "Teaching isn't about making everything perfect you cannot into a classroom and expect them all to understand what you say". There is also more than one run-on sentence in your post. Be sure you are proof reading your post before you submit it online.

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